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    Drivers newer than 16.3.2 won't install correctly.


      For some reason every time I try to install any graphic drivers beyond 16.3.2 they won't install correctly. AMD Install Manager is claiming that everything is installed successfully, but after the reboot, my PC acts as if no driver is installed at all. AMD Control Center doesn't open up too. The only newer drivers that I can use are the 16.3.2.


      I using an AMD Radeon M260. Another weird thing that I noticed is that in AMD Control Center, the M260 is marked as "Liked", and the primiary GPU apparently is AMD Radeon(TM) R6 Graphics.


      Any help would be appreciated, thank you!


      My laptop is Dell Inspirion 5545

      Currently with 64 bit Windows 10

      CPU AMD A10-7300 R6 Quad-core 1.90 - 3.20 GHz

      8 RAM