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RX 480 low fps in OverWatch

Question asked by yoniho on Jul 12, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2016 by zelda

Hi guys I have bought a brand new Radeon RX 480 and i'm having very low fps to what I am suppose to get, I run everything on low and on 1680X1050 res


but still my FPS struggle around the 60's - 70's and deeps a lot to the 40


my specs: Intel(R) i5-4690 3.5

System Memory: 8 GB

and I run the latest AMD drivers 16.7.2


Please help!


Edit: Seems like a software compatibility problem since I am able to run other games at a stable FPS on Epic settings (like sc2) Also I wen't to my cousin house because he is the one who strongly recommended the card and swapped with him to check if it run better on his computer and he is also having severe fps drops while using it while my computer runs smoothly while using his GPU (R9 290), we play tested for about 2 hours.