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ATI mobility radeon 5000 series audio passthrough over HDMI makes screen randomly disconnect and reconnect using WHQL AMD audio driver.

Question asked by fazor on Jul 12, 2016

Laptop brand: Packard Bell

OS: Windows 8.1

Card: 1 GB ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 (possibly OEM version is the fault reason?)

Audio Card: Realtek integrated ALC272X

Notes: the problem persist regardless of the OS used, even the old Windows 7 OS is affected and so is Windows 10. I used to have another version of Catalyst before called "Catalyst Mobility" if this helps to get some clues.


I found an old laptop lying around and decided to use it as HTPC to play videos and such, something it works great for. However, using the latest WHQL drivers, I discovered something that was not how it should be. A HDMI connected screen would at random times go black, as if the output stopped/disconnected, then it would reconnect shortly as if nothing happened! I was wondering if the driver was at fault, and surely enough I discovered that disabling audio output over HDMI brought a complete end to the disconnecting issues. This leads me to think that it is possible that HDCP packets are lost or similar, so that the connection stops? After searching around I found a driver which did not have the same issues as the official AMD WHQL driver, the Microsoft driver OR the Dolby Realtek HDMI output driver (which I have all tried) for my laptop, it is called "ATI HDMI audio driver" and found under High Definition Audio Codecs>Software>ATI HDMI Audio Device on Realtek's driver downloads page. It's version R2.7 and driver date is 2012/6/22. HDCP is supported, max 16-bit depth and 48 kHz (compared to other drivers which for some reason allow 24-bit depth and higher kHz), something that leads me to believe that its not confiured correctly on these drivers.


If anyone have any idea about this and why there are "disconnects" on the use of HDMI screen and audio output over HDMI if I use the Microsoft, AMD or Dolby HDMI audio output driver and only the ATI one works please reply. I find it strange that AMD automatically chooses to install the HDMI output driver that is not right and that Microsoft pre-installs a driver which also disconnects my HDMI screen occasionally gets to go on like this - people might have this issue without knowing what is wrong with their output.