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Trying to Upgrade the Processor in my HP300-1003 that currently has an AMD AthlonII 235e processor to a AMD Athlon x4 605e Processor which is suppose to be supported by the motherboard.  However when I change out the Chip I get an UNSUPPORTED CPU Error wh

Question asked by whitenite0328 on Jul 11, 2016
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How do I get around and Error concerning a CPU that I'm trying to upgrade to.  My Machine is an HP 300-1003 which has a factory installed CPU that is the AMD Athlon II 235e Dual core Processor.  I want to Upgrade it to the AMD Athlon II x4 605e Processor which from the manufacture is suppose to be supported.  When I turn on the system I get the Error stating UNSUPPORTED CPU and the machine then promptly shuts down.