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R9 280 Dual monitor issue on Win10

Question asked by eduardo1029 on Jul 11, 2016



I currently have 2 monitors connected to my R9 280, my main monitor on the HDMI port (a AOC 24'' led @1920x1080) and the secondary one(a generic LCD VGA one @ 1280x800) on the dvi port via a VGA to DVI adapter.


the problem is that if i'm gaming on the main monitor, the 2nd gets extremely slow, IE, i play a video on the secondary, while a game is running in full screen on the main one.

The game runs without performance loss (keeping 50-60fps) while the second monitor get a massive slowdown (looks like its running at 5fps, doesn't matter what, video, the windows desktop, even the wallpaper changing shows lag)

minimizing the game get the second monitor back to normal, get it full screen again , the 2nd keeps runnig smootly for a second then it blinks and slows to a crawl, video turns into a slideshow, but the audio continues fine. It looks like the driver is forcing this.


never had problems like this before with nvidia cards 


i already updated the amd drivers, directx, windows, clean reinstall the video driver, but had no effect


any help is apreciated