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    Black Ops 3 FPS drop/Stutter


      when playing Call of Duty Black Op 3 mainly zombies i would experience a FPS drop/Stutter when entering new areas of the map,this however is caused by the loading of textures of the area i enter .I have tried the lowest settings to tweaking various options but the issue still persisted.

      I have made a discussion on Steam and Black Ops 3 support and it seems that AMD users are only experiencing this as they are reporting the same issue.

      Any Help will be appreciated

      MY PC SPECS:

      CPU: i5 4690 @3.50GHZ

      RAM: 16 GB DD3 @1600MHZ

      GRAPHICS CARD: Radeon R9280X OC (3GB)

      OS: Windows 10 64-bit

      DRIVER INSTALLED: 16.7.2 currently