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    display driver AMD stopped responding and has recovered windows 10


      Requesting help with this issue, playing a game or simply browsing the internet and the screen will freeze for a few moment and then receive the message 'Display driver AMD has stopped responding and has successfully recovered' this wont crash my computer but all open games/applications with stop responding making this insanely irritating.

      possible solutions i have tried:
      * uninstalling and re installing graphics drivers
      * update all drivers
      * change the TdrDelay to 8 seconds
      * cleaning out the computer
      * running all programs in admin mode

      Computer specs:
      * Windows 10
      * Graphics card : AMD Radeon R9 200 series
      * RAM: 8GB Kingston DDR3 1600MHz
      * Power Supply: Cooler master 700W G series
      * Motherboard: Asus H87M-E Micro-ATX motherboard
      * Processor: Intel core i7-4770
      * SSD: Samsung 840 EVO
      Thanks in advance for any help.
      (not super computer savvy so apologies if i missed any crucial computer info)