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    Mouse corruption


      Hi i have little problem with my new RX 480 GPU. After installing, it seems after some time to corrupt my mouse. I dont know why and i cannot fix it unless i can set Mouse Trail to ON or reboot PC. Do you have any suggestions how to fix it permanently? Thank you

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          Try moving the mouse towards the time and date in the bottom right hand corner, this might remove the corruption.


          Please submit a full bug report.

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            Are you using Logitech Set Point to control the mouse? If so, look for a update...or disable it and let Windows handle it.

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              I have the same problem.

              - Happens about 20 minutes after I start the computer and can only be fixed by a reboot.

              This means I get it about 10 times a day and it makes the computer almost unusable when it happens (cursor becomes almost invisible if it's not on a white background), so please make fixing this a high priority, it's the most annoying thing on my whole computer and I almost regret upgrading.

              - It started happening when I purchased an RX 480 and installed the drivers shortly after release day. It never happened on my 6970 with the old drivers.

              - My corrupted cursor has exactly the same shape as the one in the image

              - Hovering over a clickable element turns the cursor into a black square with a dotted transparent line at the right

              - It only happens on my secondary monitor. If I move the cursor on the primary one, it's fine, moving it back to the secondary one corrupts it again.

              - A temporary workaround is to either enable cursor trail in the mouse settings, or open the magnify system tool. As soon as these are stopped, it goes back to being corrupted, until reboot.

              - The cursor appears normal while dragging a window by the title bar and goes back to corrupted when mouse button goes back up.

              - Wattman settings do not appear to affect how often it happens. I suspect that it's not a hardware error.


              If this is in any way related, I also run F.lux and UltraMon at all times. The only mouse-related software I use are the Razer (Mamba) drivers, which should only affect the mouse's internal storage.


              System information:

              Windows 7 64bit

              Radeon Crimson drivers 16.7.2 (It happens on all the RX 480 drivers though)

              RX 480 4GB

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                i just had Logitech Gaming software it should be reason why it is so bugged?

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                  This is nothing new...and it doesn't happen on every computer configuration. Maybe the Logitech software was necessary back in the old days...

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                    I do not have any logitech software installed, but I have the exact same problem.

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                      Thanks for the post, this issue has been reported to engineering.

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                        I am also having this issue, my workaround is that I put my PC to sleep, then wake it back up (faster than a reboot).  Still, this is VERY annoying!!!!!!

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                          Thank you. I have found a method on how to reproduce the bug quicker and more reliabily, which will probably help engineering.

                          - Same scenario as before, my specs and Firefox open on a secondary display

                          - Create a bunch of new tabs in Firefox or Chrome (both do this for me)

                          - Repeatedly move the cursor back and forth across the array of new tabs until the bug appears.

                          This does not change the appearance of the cursor to the hand icon, but it does trigger SOME thing that has a low chance to corrupt the cursor. By moving the cursor across the array of tabs, you can trigger this chance many times a second and the bug will appear in less than a minute (for me) instead of after 20 minutes. I have attached an animated .gif to show the process.

                          I also tried automating the movement by making a script that quickly moves the cursor across the tabs many times a second without me having to do anything, but this seems to have a way lower chance to trigger the bug than doing it manually. I triggered and temporarily fixed the bug 4 times in 10 minutes with this.

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                            RX480 2x Crossfire, I am experiencing mouse cursor corruption as well. My mouse now shows up as 5 black dots with "shadows" happens after an uncertain amount of time while scrolling through webpages on the desktop. 

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                              Same issue here. Started happening after I bought an RX 480 (switched from nVidia). Only solution is rebooting, but after reading this thread enabling the mouse pointer trail fixed it for me, pretty annoying though considering I can't stand the mouse pointer trail (even on short).


                              After searching I found this problem has been in existence for 3     ~ years with AMD graphics. Why hasn't this been fixed permanently before?

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                                Hello, I have another update that might help engineering fix it:

                                Maybe it's just me, but every time my mouse cursor corrupted, it happened while hovering over a tab in Firefox or Chrome.

                                I never noticed it anywhere else, if I remember correctly, suggesting that it only happens there.


                                Second thing is, I thought maybe the reason it only occurs on my secondary monitor is because I only use my browser on my secondary monitor. So I moved Firefox to my primary monitor, created a new tabs as described in an earlier post and repeatedly moved my mouse over it.

                                After about 30 seconds, the mouse cursor corrupted on my primary screen.


                                All this suggests that the bug is not related to screen number or anything, but ONLY to hovering the cursor over a browser tab. If this is the same for everyone else, it could save a lot of time debugging.

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                                  I have noticed the corruption happens in the same spot and that has been up in the tab field so I agree with your post. I am using Chrome.

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                                    Same issue here.
                                    windows 10 + Powercolor RX 470..

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