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    EVOLVE STAGE 2  - Eyefinity + Crossfire tearing




      There is massive tearing when crossfire is on, and the FPS are low as single card.


      I have tried several crossfire profiles and I have found one which work almost. (AFR FRIENDLY).

      With this one, the FPS are good, 2x than single card, but there are massive flashing light with or without V-Sync it is unplayable , I risk to catch a motion sickness disease lol.


      Why the AFR-Friendly profiles works better than the Evolve profile ? and can you help me, I search on the web and I found nothing !



      Thank you all !


      spec :


      16GO RAM

      R9-290 TRI-X crossfire

      5 SCREENS



      2 by MST HUB (on displayport)

      resolution : 6000x1920

      with bezel correction :6252x1920

      WINDOWS 10


      driver : 16.5.3 CRIMSON

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          If things aren't being rendered properly then that would potentially result in a higher framerate as the GPU doesn't have to do as much work.  I would also imagine that the game developers have made changes to the game since the old game profile was made (March 2015 or so)

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              Hi pete !


              Thank you for your answer.


              Do you work for AMD ? can it be do in the next driver ?


              The crossfire profile already exists, may be you can do a little modification for the new version of the game on the basis of the AFR friendly

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                  Yes I work for AMD, No it isn't as simple as you think you can't use a profile existing profile that doesn't work properly and then also stop the flashing or other rendering errors and then also keep the performance with that same profile.  Like I said before the reason you get good performance with that profile is that things are not rendering properly.


                  You have to appreciate that the profiles are there to help the most people possible to get a decent performance with a game if they use Crossfire.  So for example if a profile gives great performance in Eyefinity with 3 screens but horrible performance at 1080P or 2K resolution with one screen (just as example) then it wouldn't be used as a default game Crossfire profile since it would give worse performance for the majority of people who would play that game.  The reason users have the ability to change profiles is for this sort of issue or where a game is so obscure or too new that it doesn't have a profile yet and so people can find one that works potentially.


                  I tried the existing Evolve profile with my 4K TV and it gives good scaling without any graphical issues.  Single GPU at 4K 25fps.  Using the Evolve profile, 47fps.  Tested at max ingame details except vsync which is set to off.  Tested with 2x RX 480 in Crossfire on Win 10 X64.

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