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    Rx 480 driver issue with constituency crash 16.7.2


      I have a problem with my graphics card, I had the same problems with earlier drivers after playing games 1 hour game is just freezes and appears to me to notice Default Radeon Wattman settings have been restored due to an enexpected system failure only I set up is that the fans are turning faster all other settings are the defualt. The previous version of the drivers i deleted using DDU and install a new version 16.7.2... I really do not know anymore what to do all other drivers, bios i update....


      AMD Graphics Card

      XFX RX 480 8gb

      Operating System 

      Windows 10 64bit

      Driver version installed

      Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.7.2

      Display Devices 

      AOC g2460vq6 freesync monitor


      Asus H110M-K


      Intel i5 6400

      Power Supply Unit  Make, Model & Wattage

      Corsair CX 650m 650w


      Kingston ddr4 Savage 8gb





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          Edit: All morning playing GTA 5 and bf4 and no problems my problem only in world of tanks after playing 1 hours driver crash i dont know why but just crash on wot i try reinstal wot but not help i contacted wot support they say that the problem is in drivers but I do not believe because in other games everything is working properly...

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            I has been tested my card three days on rainbow six siege, bf4, and gta 5 i even played 7 hour at once and  no crash no problem just smooth play but on world of tanks crash every time on one hours playing my conclucion is that is the problem on wot although their support servise claims otherwise maybe is time to stop play wot after 4 years. I will whait few more update unless start playing something else.

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              I have the same problem with World Of Tanks aswell, although I seem to get crashes every 15-20 minutes, which is really annoying becuase I'm dead once I am able to log in again. Always happenes when I'm in a battle, never in the garage. I had my game crash once with the driver prior to this one, which was the only reason I updated my driver. Hasn't happened once with other games such as Armored warfare and planetside 2, so surely this must be an issue on Wargamings side, not AMDs, or ths driver issue is only triggered on World of tanks, which seems unlikely. Has anyone with a 300 or 200 series card from AMD with the same driver experienced this, or is this an issue that onlu occurs with the RX 480?

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                  I have used my r9 w90x in single and xfire with world of tanks.  There was an issue about a year ago where xfire caused a flashing of the screen but i have been running in single mode until the recent 9.15 update.  The driver not responding has only occurred with the rx 480.  I have also tested with an Nvidia 1070 and no issues as well so there seems to be a correlation between the rx 480 and world of tanks.  Personally, since WOT is like the only game i play, i decided to return the 480 and put the money towards the purchase of that 1070.  i have been an avid AMD fan back with the dual core AGP card don't recall the model but it was long full length card, required two 4 pin molex connections, I then and then moved up to the 5600 series and then the 6800's in xfire, and my last big upgrade was the dual r9 290x's.

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                  One methode help me. Open game in safe mode without any mod install and switch hd client to sd client i play maybe 10 battle and work fine. But while I played i have  fps drop normaly i have in wot 90-100 sometimes 100+ and now 60-70 in one moment 30 fps. Temp card on load is max 81c in room temp 27c o I do not believe that this is a problem. Before Rx 480 i owned sapphira r9 380x and fps in wot constantly 100+... whether it might problem is world of tanks maybe not the best optimized...