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    Monitor goes BLACK with no response


      Is it the video card going bad or maybe a virus or whatever? 

      While playing Lockheed MartinPrepar3D flight simulator my monitor goes completely black and I get no response from mouse or keyboard.

      My 64-bit OS, Windows 7, computer was built in 2010 with following components:

      Intel Core i7-930@ 2.8 GHz


      SAPPHIRE Radeon HD5970

      Driver Packaging Version: 15.20.1062.1004-150803a1-187669C



      OCZ 2000 MHz 12GB DDR3 (RAM)

      Western Digital 500GB Drives – 2ea

      Hitachi SATA-II 500GB-7200RPM

      Kingwin Mach 1 ABT-1220MAIS


      Thank You for your time and effort!


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          The issue you have described could be caused by faulty hardware, or a software/driver problem.


          You're using a very old AMD driver from 2011, however our latest drivers may require the latest Windows service packs to be installed. I would recommend full updating Windows via Windows update, installing all service packs and recommended/optional updates. Once you are updated, please try install either Crimson 16.2.1 orCatalyst 15.11.1 Beta which are the latest and last AMD driver updates for your graphics card, which has been moved into legacy status.

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            Are you using the display port? The reason i ask is ive just found every mini display port on my card makes very poor contact with all cables.

            that was the cause of my black screens.


            even the ports i had never used and still hsd the plastic caps on are all faulty and a slight touch of the cable makes the monitors go black. it must be the design of them as i have tried many cables now and all are the same.

            they have obviously been like that from new as i only ever used the dvi before and only one dp port i thought it was drivers causing the black outs.


            if id have known the card would have been returned right away.

            i have to swap ports now many times to get it to detect the minitor and make sure it is pushed down into the port firmly.

            mine was an xfx card r9 295x2

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              OK - It seems the BLACK monitor issue has gone away, after:

              checking and installing all driver updates again

              re-cycling the cable connectors from video card to monitor (cleans the contacts)

              re-cycling the video card to motherboard (same)

              re-cycling all the daughter cards on the motherboard (same)

              re-cycling all connector/cable connections to motherboard (same)

              and blowing out / cleaning inside of the computer case.

              I offer no scientific proof, but I conclude that some or all computer components were dirty!

              Or, I missed installing the correct driver updates.

              Thank you for all the input and/or submissions.  I appreciate it very much!