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    AMDGPU - Boot to Blackscreen On Ubuntu


      Hi, I've already submitted a bug request into the Ubuntu bug repo, but I am having huge issues getting anywhere with my HP Pavilion 15-ab141na laptop with the open source AMDGPU driver. Is the Ubuntu bug list the best place to get help with this? Currently the laptop is unused with Linux as the only way of using it is via fglrx on 14.04 (this however had power issues and wouldn't correctly wake from sleep) but on 16.04 it auto picks AMDGPU which doesn't seem to work at all, despite suggesting it should be supported. I suspect it could be power related as the vgaswitcheroo options just don't work and if you schedule changes via DDIS then you get null pointer references in the error log.


      Bug Link:




      I understand the above is rather vague, I can go further into it but want to make sure im putting the info to those who will actually be able to help (I'm able to test things on this laptop as its not frequently used and the linux install is throwaway at the moment)




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          have you tried moving the "xorg.conf" to "xorg.conf.off" (keep a backup, but try booting without it).


          xorg will attempt to identify your hardware on the fly.


          you can also jump to console, stop X, then run another xorg configure;


          from the man page:


                     When this option is specified, the Xorg server loads all video driver modules, probes for available hardware, and writes out an initial xorg.conf(5) file  based  on  what
                     was  detected.  This option currently has some problems on some platforms, but in most cases it is a good way to bootstrap the configuration process.  This option is only
                     available when the server is run as root (i.e, with real-uid 0).


          Xorg -configure


          will attempt to create a vaild base for an xorg.conf