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    Downloading Crimson + Updating


      Dear Community,


      I own a HP Envy (15-ah150na) AMD A10-8700P Radeon R6


      Already installed in the laptop was Crimson but the software was pushing the latest update each time I opened up on the update settings. I installed as instructed but the software update has not changed.


      I have used a driver cleaner and uninstalled the driver with the intention of re-installing the most recent release (16.6.2).


      Using the autodetectutility, it offers out, again, the older version (15.12) and not the updated version.


      I have found this note on the AMD website:

      If you have one of the following APU products please use  Radeon Software Crimson Edition 15.12


              PRO A12-8800B

              PRO A10-8700B

              PRO A8-8600B

              PRO A6-8500B




      Why does the site note I should download an older release but then once installed and I open the software it then suggests I update the driver/software but then not actually update.


      Please, what action should I take from here?


      Kind regards + thanks,