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Win10 Won't Output NATIVE 1366x768 To HDTV (Win7 Does) - Fix?

Question asked by rcxtra on Jul 9, 2016

Can't get Windows 10 to output native1366x768 resolution to HDTV, instead it software scales 1080p down to the lower res which looks horrible -- Windows 7 does not have this problem (i.e. Win display setting 1920x1080 -> TV 1080p, Win display setting 1366x768 -> TV native 1366)


I have a Samsung HDTV which supports both 1080p and a native 1366x768 input mode. When browsing from the couch I prefer 1366x768 @125% DPI, it's easier to read and just plain looks better than 1080p @150% DPI. With Win7 the TV will actually switch its input mode to the native 1366x768 automatically when I change the display resolution in Windows. Not so with Win10, regardless of the display res set in Win10 the GPU always outputs a 1080p signal and the lower resolutions are software scaled down (looks horrible).


So far I have been unable to find a fix for this in Win10. I did come across an article which explained how Win10 changed DPI scaling to accommodate the fact that phones and tablets can turn sideways. The article also pointed to a REG hack to put the scaling back to the way Win8 does it with a program called Windows10_DPI_FIX, unfortunately that didn't solve the problem.


PC Specs

R9 270X GPU (HDMI) -> Samsung HDTV (HDMI)
Asus P8B75-M/CSM MB


I'm reasonably certain it's a Win10 driver issue. When I upgraded PC from Win7 to Win10 the TV was still using its native 1366x768 mode before I manually updated to the latest Nvidia Win10 driver. I've since performed clean Win10 install and the TV will still not change input mode like it does w/Win7 -- seems like Win10 drivers always want to output the display's highest resolution (HDTV 1080p in this case) and software scale the lower 1366x768 res.


Any ideas on how/where to find a fix for this. If I can't fix this I'm going to have to roll back to Win7