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RX 480 crossfire on S5520 chipset motherboard (supermicro X8DAH) doesn't work. Is it in spec?

Question asked by h.sakai on Jul 10, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2016 by h.sakai

I replace graphic cards from HD7970 x2 to RX480 x2.

7970 worked on crossfire with a bridge cable.

Now I don't see crossfire enabler on either cards tab of the AMD setting. It works 2 independent RX480.

Crossfire works well on Z170 board (gigabyte Z170D3, x4&x16) with these RX480s, so I wonder if non-cable crossfire don't work S5520 chipset.

I tried with 16.7.1 & 16.7.2 drivers, both didn't show it.


Is it normal behavior? I'm not sure for non-cable crossfire, need someone's suggestion or answer for this.