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Windows 10: AMD Radeon R7 Dual 240 running loud

Question asked by gehco on Jul 10, 2016

Hello all!


So, within the past, 2-3 months, my dual setup of R7 240's has been running quite noisy. Unable to find out why, if any hints, it would be awesome.


What I have tried:

  • Updating drivers
  • cleaning out the unit
  • replaced the graphics card
  • monitor temperature (Isn't high)
  • monitor fanspeed (I don't know fully what the best to be, but according to the monitor tool, I'm running at full RPM when automated fan setting).


My current solution is to reduce fanspeed to 20-25% (sadly giving a high temperature, so I have to switch back and forth to cool it down).

I understand it to be loud when at higher % speed, but the card becomes so loud at 35-50%, louder than when at 65%. This noise has happened after a driver installation for the card, I have found this to be true, for our second unit had a basic Windows 10 searched driver, and when updated fully to the AMD Radeon Crimson settings system, it has gone noisy. We needed to update as the one from Windows' search couldn't give satisfied outcome in some games.


Really need some guidance on this.. Solution can't be to adjust fanspeed manually all the time.