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How do I reset my Pre-Crimson Underclock on my A10-6800K APU?

Question asked by sundjinnkari on Jul 9, 2016

So my pre Crimson installation had the AMD OverDrive software pre-bundled in the driver software, but unfortunately Crimson removed it and added it in as a separate software.  So, when I wanted to reset my underclocking it shows that its at 4.4Ghz.  Running Games like Space Engineers, and Ark: Survival Evolved, I realized Im not really getting the power out of my processor, I looked into task manager, and its only using 2.6Ghz out of it.  Its all great if I want to manage the heat output of the processor, but I'd like to not be perminently nerfed when I want to use all of that power.


CPU utilization goes up to 50%, and just sticks there, not moving when "completely" taxed, and the clock speed only goes up to 2.6Ghz.  Further looking into "overclocking" utilities provided by AMD such as the OverDrive Software that is now separate from the drivers states that everything is fine, and the multiplier and everything else is stuck at 44x @ 100Mhz.  I know this isnt true.  So I ask, is there a way to reset this underclock so that I can utilize all the power of my processor?  Or am I boned?