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Radeon Sapphire r9 390 screen flickering

Question asked by snaketwod on Jul 9, 2016
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Ok so this might be a long one but more information is better then less right? I recently built this system myself, it's only about half a year old. It worked flawlessly at first, the bench marks were pretty much on par with what I have though the fps is a little low for my specs but I reasoned that an out dated monitor running at 60Hz is to blame. A few months later I move, and I came across not one, but two separate problems. My power supply was too low for this beast of a graphics card causing the system to begin black screening on me. I replaced the power supply with something more up to the task. Everything's fine until summer hits. The AC units in the house were all drawing off the same circuit, tripping the fuse two or so times a day, causing my computer to shut off without warning and it wasn't grounded but running through a surge protector at least. The screen would start flickering now and then for a single frame once in a while and usually not long after that happens the screen goes black, the audio keeps playing for a short while before the whole system locks up. No Mem dumps are created, nothing is telling me what happen and I've run memtest, benchmarks, cpu stress tests, everything completes with no errors.


So perhaps it's my poor excuse for a power outlet that was causing these issues. I've since gotten it on it's own circuit and it is now grounded however the screen flickering has become more frequent though I haven't had a system lock up since. I've tried rolling back my drivers from when I first got the computer up and running which yielded no results, I've also updated the drivers to the latest 16.200.1035 which said to fix some screen flickering issues but I believe that was a problem with multiple monitors, I am only one a single, old monitor.


Windows 10 home 64-bit


MSI 970 Gaming

AMD FX 8350 Right Core Processor

16384mb RAM

Radeon Sapphire r9 390

Corsair cx750M psu