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rx480 driver 16.7.2 no power limit adjustment

Question asked by brucer on Jul 9, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2016 by brucer

after updating to 16.7.2  I now have no power limit adjustment in wattman



also still getting the radeon settings crashing every time I open wattman (now known as crashman) after closing a program, such as 3dmark/Heaven/Valley/Starwars bf/Archeage/BF4...

also performance is down with 16.7.2



I bought a Zotac 1070 amp edition the day after I bought this rx480, I can tell you, I have had not one issue with its drivers or software since I bought it.. smooth as silk..



I guess the driver development is going to be the limiting factor of these 480 gpus and thats pretty sad.. I really dont like being a beta tester for a rushed to market gpu.