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GPU Driver failing 7700m

Question asked by sherief95 on Jul 9, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2016 by sherief95

Hello guys, I've been constantly having trouble with my AMD Driver. I have a Dell Inpiron 7520 SE with an Intel HD 4000 GPU alongside an AMD 7700M (Dedicated).

Last couple of days I've been having a lot of hard time in order to get my PC back up alive again, and I finally managed to do so after reinstalling windows 8.1 and all the necessary drivers.

It all comes to this driver and it keeps crashing my PC whichever version I try to install.

I've used Wagnard tool (In Safe Mode) in order to completely remove every single GPU driver I have, followed by installing the Intel GPU after downloading and running the Intel Driver Utility.



I've tried Installing the AMD GPU driver from the windows update section, AMD's website (Manually & AutoDetect tool), and even through Dell's website. And no Success at all.



When the laptop actually allows me to install it without crashing on me, it never functions properly. Whenever I try running a game/program, an error message pops up saying my GPU has crashed and recovered.



I'm really thinking to just give up on this driver and just work with my Intel HD Graphics although everyone pretty much knows how much it does suck.







I can send you my DXDiag notepad file