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    fglrx on Linux Mint (Radeon HD 7970) crashes on almost every game.


      Hi everyone,


      I am having big trouble with the fglrx driver on my computer, and no idea why!

      On Linux, almost every game crashes if I try to play them with good settings, while on windows everything is fine and works well. No log returned, nothing. Couldn't find on google where I would be able to have a little more on what is going on with the crashes. Crappy settings works fine, so that means the driver stuck at doing something.


      I reinstalled the driver multiples times, with different techniques. Nothing works.


      What I can't understand is why the opensource driver can run certain games that the proprietary drivers cannot. Of course the proprietary one can play games that the opensource one cannot. But in this way this is absolutely normal.


      The only output I managed to get, is when I work on my video-game project on Unity. If I try to launch one of my build with the fglrx driver, it crashes if the settings are at the maximum (while on my crappy laptop, on linux mint as well but NVidia graphics, everything works fine).

      I once managed to get the "glsl link failed" error appear on the Unity console. But nothing more.


      So, simple question: Does fglrx drivers provides output log, or a debug mode I could use to help me find the problem?

      Because I could ask "Why is it not working," but I first want to see at least the error why my games can't even start themselves. As a developer, I can't believe that there is no log.


      Best regards.