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amd r270m  latest driver?

Question asked by miguelinnnnn on Jul 9, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2016 by miguelinnnnn

I have a Dell Inspiron 7548 4K Monitor Core i7-5500U, 16GB rAM 240GB SSD with an AMD R7 M270, on windows 10 64-bit


When I install the latest drivers It will recognize a M265 Video card and load the Driver... If I go into device controler, and update the driver manually, bu selecting it from a Disk, the only controller available on the compatible list is 06/08/2015 ...... 15.201.1101.0 ...... Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.


If I try to USE DISK option, and select the INF file from the lates decompressed Crimson 16.7.1 Drivers R7 M270 is not even listed, only M270DX which windows will not install..


SO...... What is going on... was this video card a prototype that got dumped? or hid and forgotten?