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Why amd 16.6.2 and amd 16.7.1 ruined AMD 8670m performance compare to previous amd 16.6.1 driver?

Question asked by mkmhroups007 on Jul 9, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2016 by mkmhroups007

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So i bought an HP model laptop with 8650g+8670m on 2013 it works very poor at the beginning but some updates did the job well even i played watchdogs properly with very little issues and then some updates again ruined my laptop at the worst it offers and i recently decided that's it these laptop is not well suited for any gaming here after but suddenly an amd 16.5.xx driver made  a magic by allow me to play farcry4 very fluently with minor lags so i decide to update my driver to 16.6.1 its good not bad but these drivers 16.6.2 and 16.7.1 ruined my laptop even worst then at it in the beginning i know you are improving your drivers in order to sale your amd 480 well but it may  benefit that GPU but not others these 8670m ruined a lot by these drivers.Why don't you offer stable drivers to all the GPU's?  otherwise please release exclusive driver for your latest GPU's at the same time kindly release stable drivers like amd 16.6.1 for your old customer  like me.


And also i made a mistake of installing nvidia physx which also ruined my laptop i don't know how it works but it made my laptop abysmal to play any games then i resetted my PC entirely in order to remove nvidia physx completely then i installed these amd 16.6.2 which make my laptop  worse and also i installed amd 16.7.1 which also made my laptop worst ever it was.


And what about 8650g you guys put that one in legacy state but i too have 8670m whch still have drivers may i know hot to install amd 8650g legacy + amd 8670m properly?


and highly recommend you to release stable drivers for all your GPU's thank you....