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    We need MacOS Drivers


      So we have a major issue with performance and cards in general for macos

      first off the Framebuffer's wont load

      second the ports are all screwed up < i will go more into detail

      third multi monitor support is just down right bad

      now apple is aware of this and won't do a thing to try and help out so i am here begging you

      i am going to include the 290x kext for 10.12 and the patches we used to get multi monitor working

      i am also going to included the entire extension folder incase you need more info


      first extension Folder:Extensions.zip - Google Drive

      next 290x os x kext 10.12 :AMD8000Controller.kext.zip - Google Drive

      last this is called a IOREG it holds all system info about what loads you use iojoes to look:Matthew’s Mac Profbloaded.iojones - Google Drive

      all the work we did so far is in here 290X/390X 10.12 FB patch thread - OSx86 10.11 (El Capitan) - InsanelyMac Forum