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    My AMD graphics card keeps crashing my computer.


      So I built a computer I ordered online. I was meticulous when building it and everything was fine. About 6-9 months later I got blue screen of death. After googling the error code it led me to believe that my AMD video card conflicts with Windows 7 Ultimate. I used chrome's about:gpu feature and saw heaps of errors to do with graphics. I have included a screenshot of the codes. I'm hoping this forum will provide some clues.


      My Windows is not NT 6.1 SP1. It's Windows 7 Ultimate SP1.

      My Graphics Card is an ATI Radeon HD 5860 16GB




      P.S. (3 minutes later): As I went to attach the screenshot the graphics failed again. No BSoD, just frozen. Had to reboot and thankfully Chrome Restored.


      01 about-gpu.jpg02 about-gpu.jpg

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          The issue you have described could be caused by faulty hardware, or a software/driver problem.


          You're using a very old AMD driver from 2011, however our latest drivers may require the latest Windows service packs to be installed. I would recommend full updating Windows via Windows update, installing all service packs and recommended/optional updates. Once you are updated, please try install either Crimson 16.2.1 or Catalyst 15.11.1 Beta which are the latest and last AMD driver updates for your graphics card, which has been moved into legacy status.