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weird stripes and artifacts

Question asked by disaderp on Jul 9, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2016 by disaderp

Today I turned on my computer(it was working flawlessly for more than a half year in this setup), everything was going fine, POST displayed with no problems, but when windows 10 loaded this was shown on display:


First thing I checked, since I have multiple systems on my computer I tried to start windows xp, on a system selection screen these artifacts were displayed:


So I tried booting into recovery mode in windows 10, again, everything was fine. First thought: uninstall graphics drivers.I did that, restarted computer, and the drivers were back there again, like nothing happened.

Another thing that grabbed my attention was this error(Standard display different than PnP)


My graphic card: Radeon R9 270, which has only HDMI and DVI ports, I am using an adapter VGA -> DVI It worked before with no trouble, happened after my brother hard reset computer while playing game

Then I used AMD driver removal tool, and managed to start windows 10 without recovery mode, scanned HDD. Neither SMART nor surface test shown no errors.

I thought that it might have been just a temporary failure so I decided to install driver again, during the installation the screen went black and stayed until I hard reset the computer. The artifacts aren't back, but I cannot manage to finish the install of the driver.

After running 'LCD Test Images' on computer, gradients page shows problems for both Windows XP and Windows 10. I also checked that on my HDMI TV, the stripes were still here.


Any other ideas what do to now?


I closed web browser now, screen went black with the artifacts known from the system selection screen for a few seconds and now it's black with white stripes and nothing can be done to change it