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ATI EEUU Service event error 16387

Question asked by meatspace on Jul 8, 2016

I've been having display related problems since last year, mostly minor things like flickering, and ignored it (stupid, I know). Things have escalated and turned into solid crashes that will occur at seemingly random times, although infrequent. Oddly enough, flickering and hard crashes never affected games, I could play something for hours and never have a single issue. However, as of 7/716, even games have been crashing recently-creating their own sets of event errors- and suffering from some performance loss.


After reinstalling drivers several times, I'd like to believe that it is a problem related to the motherboard or power supply for several reasons:

1. Flicker crashes affect the system as a whole and not display

2. Putting another GPU in didn't solve the issue.

but the point is I can no longer ignore this.


System Info File Attached

I'll try to answer any questions regarding the issue.