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    Building PC


      Hello i am currently interested on building my own computer at the moment and i have stopped on one of your Processors.If i can ask some questions about the AMD FX-9590 and all suggestions are welcomed .I am wondering if i will be able to build up high System memory above 24.I have readed most of the information about this processor u have at newegg website.There it sayes that the maximum required should be 29.9GB/s memory bandwidth for DDR3.I would like to know can i go above that somehow and will the bigger memory give me better performance for computer games and everything.Also i would like to ask how the AMD FX-9590 will go with better video card like NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080.I know for this Processor i will need a good Cooler and Case.And if you could give me some good recommendation for the Power Supply(The higher memory and better video card will require better power supplier ).I am still making a research how and what computer i would like to build, so i would really apriciate some help .Thank and i wish you everything good.
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          I have just watched about the Radeon RX 480, it looks awasome .I am wondering is there a way to build computer with 2 of those video cards and will the video performance go better ?

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              an fx9590 runs at really high clocks and for that you will need a good motherboard with 990fx chipset and good VRM, at least 8+2 power phases. Also you will need a stable psu like, corsair, seasonic, xfx, etc  with stable power delivery..


              GTX1080 is the best card in the market, so yeah, you will be happy with tht gpu...I usually make math with my display, if im using an 1080p 60hz display i dont need an gtx1080 to feed tht, its just waste.. 3dmark gives you good track about gpus


              Firestrike = 1080p

              Firestrike Extreme =1440p

              Firestrike ultra =4k

              Points work this way:

              5000 points, it means it will run all games at min-med settings 60fps

              10 000 points, it means it will run all games at max settings 60fps

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              To use an FX-9000 series CPU without major problems you will need the following:


              1. A mobo that specifically supports the 220w TDP FX-9000 series CPUs - Most AM3+ mobos will NOT properly support the FX-9000 CPUs


              2. Your need a CPU cooler that can properly cool a 220w TDP FX processor as most FX processors are 125w models


              3. You need a quality  650+ watt PSU that can deliver a minimum of 54 amps. on the 12v rail - more amps will be required for high end GPU cards


              4. You need to insure that the VRM circuit of the mobo has sufficient airflow to prevent overheating while powering the 220w CPU as the FX-9000 series CPUs really stress a mobo, HSF and PSU.


              The amount of memory you can use is determined by the mobo maker. Whatever qty. of DRAM the mobo supports, the CPU will support. More than 16GB of RAM will not show any tangible improvement in games or other PC activity.

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                Building PCs for gaming can get expensive. It’s easy to put together a cart at your favorite retailer that quickly swells to two or three thousand dollars. Can everyone afford such a machine? No. Some - actually, many - people have stricter budgets. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still build a PC you can be proud of.


                Best high-end gaming PC build.

                Best mid-range gaming PC build.

                Building a budget gaming rig often poses more challenges than one with a budget of $2,000 or more. Sure, budget builds are often easier to assemble, but picking parts can be a bit of a nightmare when trying to stretch every dollar as far as it will go. This guide is loker here to give you a bit of insight if you’re looking for a rig that will set you back around $700 before surcharges (like taxes and shipping).


                Don’t get it twisted: This PC will not offer you top-of-the-line performance at 1440p, or even the latest games at ultra settings and 1080p. At least, it didn't, prior to the RX 480's arrival. That's changed our view of what we can expect in a $200 graphics card. Now if only we could find them in stock.....



                CPU: Intel Core i3-6100 - $116

                GPU: AMD Radeon RX 480 4G - $200

                Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z170N-WiFi - $135

                Memory: 8GB (2x 4GB) Kingston HyperX Fury DDR4 @ 2,133MHz - $33

                SSD: 240GB SanDisk Ultra II - $71

                HDD: 1TB Western Digital Blue 7,200RPM - $50

                Power supply: SeaSonic G Series 550W 80 Plus Gold - $72

                Case: Thermaltake Core V1 - $48

                Total: $725


                We based this build upon prices we could find at the time we updated this article, but prices do change. You will find updated prices for the parts below.