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Mini Futured Supercomputer :)

Question asked by sashunda on Jul 8, 2016

Hello my name is Alexander and i am 25 years old from Bulgaria.I have decided to build my own computer for gaming and working when i finish university of Minning and Geology.I currently don't have  any  knowledge how to build my own computer, but only from reading and watching videos about it i have learned same base level .I have the time and i will gather the money to build my own high performance computer.I got excited about the new AMD products and i believe they would be the future.I will wait for the Zen to show up and to see what can i do with it.
In my situation i will need some help to decide what and how much all my computer products would be, because there isnt anyone that can help me with it.I have watched a lot of videos about the super computers and how they use multiple processors and video cards to achiev High performance.Now i have decided that it should be possible to build my own supercomputer but with much less processors and parts.For my goal i would say 2 processors should be perfect to build my own  Unice Computer.Here comes the questions how and will there be an option to build it with the AMD products.I am sure you would be interested on building such computer for your own also .I would like to ask if there is or could  be created a motherboard that can supply 2 processors from the new
AMD 7th Generation or the Zen.And i am pretty excited if i could use for the two processors also a 2 of the new AMD- Radeon RX 480 video cards.Also for all of those build how mutch Memory could be build for example: 32 GB or more.If there is a way to build the motherboard with more space so you can actually put all the things u need and to be able for upgrade in future.I believe that is possible but i don't know from where i can order and buy such a thing.The questions is also will Windows 10 be able to support 2 processors.Probably it would be faster and easier if there is some professional technical assistant that is interested and willing to contact with me and communicate.I would apriciate if you could give me and email adress from some professionalist so we could discuss the possibility of creating such a computer.                                                                                                                                     Best regards: Alexander Simeonov