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RX 480 8GB - New 16.7.1 driver - Card Crashing/Radeon Settings Crashing (also Wattman Instructions Please!)

Question asked by tarante11a on Jul 8, 2016
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Hi there.  I'm having some issues but I'm an enthusiastic amateur when it comes to PC systems, so please bear with me if I don't explain everything correctly or don't use the right terminology.  I'll do my best!

Since fitting my new RX 480, I've been watching temps and things using Radeon Settings/Wattman.  I've mostly been playing ARK:Evolved, which I appreciate is in alpha and can be a bit graphically temperamental at times.  I've also been aware of the power-draw issues with the card and have been keeping and eye on that.


I tentatively adjusted the fan speed and temperature expectations with the old CCC settings in mind, and in general, my game (and pc in general) has behaved very well, with the card coping with temps and things running smoothly.


I have had a couple of hiccups - the card has seemed to 'crash' - I'll be playing the game, the screen flickers black for a split second, then display recovers to a certain extent.  However, the game is running in the background and I can't get Wattman back up.  The only thing I can do is to shut everything down via task manager and reboot.


However, since installing 16.7.1 last night, the crashes are much more frequent.  I've had a look in Event Viewer but because I'm a bit clueless, I'm not sure where I should be looking for the specific incidents.  I also can't seem to rollback to the previous driver if I reinstall - it doesn't give me an option to do so and automatically installs 16.7.1 again.  How do I roll back?


Also, if some kind soul - either from AMD themselves or a heroic Wattman user, could post a guide/instructions on how to use Wattman, I'd be really grateful.  It's all very well having a whizzy new way of overclocking/monitoring your card, but some of us aren't uber-nerds, and some basic instructions on what the hell everything does would be great.  Unless I'm missing something - although if it's there, it's not very obvious!


Hope I don't sound *too* much of a twit.