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Why do I get gray screen crash in games?

Question asked by marko_322 on Jul 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2016 by marko_322

So basically I got a new system with A4-4020 and R7 240 from ASUS(low profile 2GB DDR3 version). I played Dota 2 before and I kept getting a gray screen crash with sound stuttering... what fixed this was using -DX11 in launch options on Steam. Like 2 months ago I got CS:GO and using -DX11 didn't fix the issue... I also played Modern Warfare 2 and it keeps crashing. I played Far Cry 4 and it didn't crash once.

Here is the video: 20160708_094603.mp4 - Google Drive

When this happens I can only restart my PC to make it work again.