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    Having problmes with 280x, tried latest drivers and old one, it causes audio crackling/latency


      After figuring out I had a burnt connector for the CPU cord, replacing it, everything ran smoothly. This happened about 2 weeks ago. It was causing my computer to crash a lot.


      Anyway after doing that, I replaced the cord everything ran smoothly. Decided played games no issues. Decided to fix my GPU cable that I thought might of caused the problem originally because I did not like it just hanging there. Toke out card, put it back in. then..... yeah....


      I have no clue but now my audio crackles. I know its the GPU because I uninstalled the drivers, the whole nine yards, and narrowed it down that the GPU driver is causing audio crackles. Tried doing it without installing the HDMI audio. With it. I tried uninstall other drivers to see if that could be causing issues with the GPU. Ran LatencyMon it told me it was the USB.sys, or atathing.sys or dxkrnl.sys


      I did get a slightly better result when I uninstalled the USB ports completely. I tried disabling renabling combination of coolnquiet and turbo. default bios, bios is update. been up to date and had recently reinstalled bios version to make sure it wasn't bios causing my previous issue.


      GAmes run fine but just random lag spike every second or so. and audio sometimes crackles a little or a lot. This is so frustrating because I fixed my first problem with a simple solution of switching cables and now this huge problem appears that I can not seem to find the answer too. My computer is only a year old by the way, complete hardware failure seems unlikely unless i broke something. I inspected the parts nothing seems out of order.