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    RX 480 & Win 10 Driver issues - All Driver Version gives driver detection error.


      Hi Guys.


      I have a problem with my system giving the driver detection error on all versions of RX480 drivers.

      I have managed to get around the issues by downloading the driver, extracting it and pointing the windows device manager update driver function to the folder.


      To get the AMD control panel going I installed each separate package in the software folder.


      But this does not seem to work with the new 16.7.1 Drivers and now I am stuck with Windows device manager not recognizing the driver and no control panel as a result of it.


      There must be a better way of getting the update installed.

      System details are:


      Asus Maximus Impact VI MITX mobo.

      Intel 4690K CPU

      8 GB Corsair DDR III ram 2133 MHZ.

      Samsung Evo 250 GB SSD.

      Corsair 600W PSU


      Windows 10 Pro 64, Due to a whole lot of formatting no updates have been installed.


      Please help!