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    Crimson version 6.6.2 causes unplayable artifacts in "The Crew" Sapphire R9-390 nitro oc


      After upgrading to crimson version 6.6.2 I have had non-stop artifacts In the game "The Crew Wild Run" where it appears that all shadows follow my vehicle instead of being fixed on the environment,,  Ive tried adjusting all in-game  shader detail from High to none and nothing helps?? Ive tried re-installing the previous driver And the issue goes away,, Game is flawless with old driver??  But none of my other games have issues with version 6.6.2.,, only The Crew..  System specs below:


      Mobo: EVGA X-79 Dark LGA 2011

      CPU: Intel i7 4930k ivy bridge 6 core @4.4ghz

      GPU: Sapphire R9 390 NITRO tri-x OC

      Memory: 32gb Gskill Ripjawz quad-channel ddr3 2133mhz

      Storage: 2 OCZ Agility 120gb ssd's in raid 0 for windows 10 64 pro,  and 1 OCZ Vertex 4 512gb ssd for games

      Monitor: Acer 27" 120hz

      Cooling: Custom XSPC and Alphacool watercooling loop.

      PSU: EVGA 1300w supernova 80+ gold

      Case: Corsair Obsidian 900d

      Audio: Logitec usb Headseat