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Rx 480 rebooting computer under any moderate graphic load.

Question asked by thecamelman79 on Jul 7, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2016 by hardcoregames™
So by this point in the game I'm sure everyone is just goingt o tell me i have a cheap mother board and i have to wait for AMD to realease a driver patch but i thought i would try anoy ways incase anyone else had some bright ideas becuase waiting around to play with my brand new toy sitttiing in my rig is absolute torture.

          I got my card yesterday and quickly benchmarked my gtx 950 using Valley Benchmark since it was installed on my rig and would give me a quick fair comparision bewtween the two cards. I then ran Shadow of Mordor's benmark and Ashs of singularity for it's DX12 comparision. With current benchmarks in hand of my gtx950 i anxouisly took the side window off my rig and swapped out the cards. My first boot up attemt ended up in a lock up and did a hard reset to fix.....not a big deal....then off to AMD's web site to install the latestest 16.6.2 driver package. All installed, rebooted, and ready to go I was drooling with anticipation ready to see the new FPS scores fly across the screen, and fly the did........for about 10 seconds.......then black screen......beep....and splash screen...reboot......this was to be my life for the next 3-4 hours as i am not one to give up so easliy and i tried every setting i could think of and every lower demanding game i had....heck sims 4 crashed on me after about 2 mins of game play and my daugther plays that on her rig with a gts9800.....    To be honest and fair i know nothing about AMD cards this is my first one so any tips or settings that can be change i would greatly appreciate. I've always had green team cards but considering this is a FX 8350 rig i thought is would be cool to get a red team card to go with it and save the $150 over the 1070...but now im not so sure, especially if i have to gimp it in their prosed patch to make it work...Any help or ideas are appreciated


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FX 8350 4 ghz no-o.c.

Corsair Water Cooler

Gigabyte 970A DS3P Rev 2 bios F2J

600 Watt Raidmax PSU

8 gb Gskill