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    amd 7750 hd and Photoshop CC


      I've been using this card for several years now without a  hitch. Recently Adobe released a new version of Photoshop CC 2015.5. In it they replaced the tool used to refine a selection. I seems my video card is have difficulty with it. I downloaded the driver as per AMD auto detect tool. The tool is still not responding as it should.


      Somewhere on the AMD's site I saw something about my card no longer being supported and to use an older driver. If so than why does the driver auto detect tell me to use a driver that was just released. Also if anyone out there with the 7750hd has found a working driver, I'd greatly appreciate the info. TIA

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          The HD 7750 is not a legacy product, the latest 16.6.2 drivers are available on AMD.com


          The AMD Radeon™ HD 7000 – HD 7600 are legacy ones.

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              My apologies, I guess it was something else I read. In my case, I'm still experiencing difficulty with the driver, especially in Photoshop and Microsoft edge. When trying to use the Select and mask feature it cashes. The only error reference I can find is as follows:


              - System

                - Provider

                 [ Name]  Display
                 - EventID 4101

                 [ Qualifiers]  0
                  Level 3
                  Task 0
                  Keywords 0x80000000000000
                 - TimeCreated

                 [ SystemTime]  2016-06-30T16:32:08.713385300Z
                  EventRecordID 18880
                  Channel System
                  Computer Steven-HP
              - EventData


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              Thanks amdpete. I did just that but don't think they actually acknowledge they are looking into it. At this point I'm on 16.8.2 and hoping a tech finds the right line of code either here or at adobe to resolve the issue.

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                  If your read the info on the 'issue report form' you see that sending the report is not going to get you a two-way conversation with AMD.

                  "If you are experiencing a problem with the latest AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition driver release and you can consistently reproduce the issue, please complete this bug reporting form.


                  This form is intended to gather the problem description and system information so that reported issues can be addressed in future driver releases. This form is NOT to solicit support inquiries. If you have an issue that requires a technical response, please contact  AMD Customer Care "