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Multimonitor High Idle Memory Clock with a 60Hz freesync monitor

Question asked by theacclaimed on Jul 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2016 by theacclaimed

I tested the AOC G2260VWQ6 22" 1080p Freesync monitor. The default variable refresh rate is 48-60Hz. When I connect my 2nd and 3rd 22" 1080p 60Hz monitors (non-freesync) the RX 480 idle memory clock stays at 2000Mhz. I already know the issue happens when using multiple monitors with different refresh rates. My question is since this is a 60Hz Freesync panel, can there be a driver update to make it so that the lower refresh Freesync capable monitors can be used with multiple monitors at the default Idle Memory Clock of 300Mhz?


This seems to be an issue/driver limitation for all GDDR5 GPUs as the Fiji GPUs do not suffer this problem due to always running  at 500Mhz on the memory.


The reason I raise this concern/feature request is because of the significant difference in the idle voltage and GPU temperature when the memory clock remains at 2000Mhz.


Triple 1080p 60Hz non-freesync monitors result in an Idle Memory clock of 300Mhz, with Idle GPU voltage of 0.8 volts, idle temperature 34C. Doesn't matter what combination of DP, DVI, HDMI.

Triple 1080p 60Hz monitors where one of them is a 60Hz freesync monitor on DisplayPort results in an Idle Memory clock of 2000Mhz, with Idle GPU voltage of 0.975 volts, idle temperature 51C.


I also tested the freesync monitor using it's HDMI port which isn't freesync capable and when running dual or triple monitors the Idle memory clock returns to the expected 300Mhz.