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Help please, 93º celsius on a R9 380X Nitro with 30º in the room, and 100% fan speed set in crimson!!!!

Question asked by yomismo91 on Jul 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2016 by djsiegfried

The card is R9 380X Nitro Dual X OC 4 Gb


Thoose temps are playing games like overwatch or gtaV.  Also the pc case is a bitfenix, a common case, with frontal fan and rear fan, good airflow, nice fan speeds, normal CPU temps, no dust or something because is a new pc.


Both fans spinning , really really loudy so i can tell that is actually 100% fan speed.



PSU is an Enermax 600W , cpu is i5-4590, motherboard gigabyte h97 HD3


Not Overclock in any component.


PC also tested with an strixx 960 oc directCu II and got 60 celsius with fans at 65%....