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    Stuck at 'detecting graphics hardware' when installing catalyst


      my rig:

      Radeon HD 7870

      intel i7 4790k

      Windows 8

      ask if you need any other details. Rest is overkill, and irrelevant.


      I had an nVidia GTX 780ti that broke last week. Got this 7870 in the meantime while the other is getting repaired.

      I currently have some weird black borders on my screen that prevents me from using 100% of my screen. I know this is an option on AMD Catalyst. For some reason, whenever I try to install AMD Catalyst, I get stuck at 'detecting graphis hardware'. I googled it, and found a few different posts about it. Tried many of them, nothing has worked so far.


      Help me out, please.



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          Windows 8 is only supported up to Catalyst 14.4 WHQL or Catalyst 14.6 Beta, so you will have to use an older driver. 


          I presume you are connected via HDMI connection? What is the make and model of your display?


          I'd like you to try a system clean up and a fresh installation of Catalyst 14.4 which should resolve the issue.


          1. Run the Windows self check tool to check scan and automatically repair any corrupt files found in Windows. There is a guide on how to do it here.  What you need to do is run an elevated command prompt (elevated means run it as administrator) and type SFC /SCANNOW. This will generate a statement indicating if errors were found the Operating system and if they were fixable.


          2. Make sure you have installed Microsfot NetFramework and Visual C++ 2013. These should be installed already, but they can become damaged, need repairing or reinstalling.


          3. Update Windows. Install all available critical, recommended and optional updates. Often Netframework and Visual C are included in the recommended or optional updates Windows provides. Windows should always be fully up to date before installing our drivers!


          4. Use DDU to sweep the system of AMD drivers in safe mode.


          5. Install Catalyst 14.4 WHQL once the above is completed and check to see if the issue is resolved.


          Once you have the driver installed, please navigate to Catalyst Control Center > My Digital Flat Panels and adjust the underscan/overscan slider to remove the black bars.