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Oculus + Multiple Screens with DVI/HDMI Adapter [R9 390]

Question asked by karupika on Jul 6, 2016
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Hey Guys,

CV1 Owner (+PC noob) here and I got some problems with connecting my Rift with my Computer. I have a AMD R9 390 with the following / usual setup:

  • HDMI -> Goes to my receiver for A/V (TV as second Monitor + Surround Audio System)
  • DVI 1 -> Goes to my Monitor
  • DVI 2 -> Not used
  • DP -> Not used

When I got my Oculus last week, I just used the HDMI slot on my PC and everything worked fine. Then i read somewhere that I can use a HDMI-to-DVI Adapter for the Video Signal to the Rift. I searched on Reddit for this problem and found some solution, so I ordered this and connected everything, it even gets recognized by the Oculus Software, but I only got a black screen on the Rift. I switched to the second DVI, same result. I dont want to change HDMI cables every time I want to play with my Rift. Now I'm a bit lost:

  1. Is this the wrong HDMI/DVI Adapter?
  2. Should I try to connect my Monitor with the DP Port, so that not both of the DVI ports are used at the same time?
  3. Are there any options I just forgot to activate?
  4. Are there any other viable solutions (I've read about HDMI splitter. . . )?

Thanks so much,