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Drivers Crashing, Freezing My Computer, Did Not Happen Before Windows 10

Question asked by trattorian on Jul 6, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2016 by amdmatt

Hi everyone.


I have been having immense trouble with drivers crashing and poor performance in various games since upgrading to Windows 10.


There are some games that I play which will regularly freeze, either on start up or during play, where the screen will tear and stutter for a few seconds and then (depending on the game) will either freeze the computer completely requiring forced restart or will crash the game where I then get the message "Graphics Drivers have stopped working and recovered".


Another symptom of this issue is that when playing certain games my framerate will drop through the floor, to approx. 2-10 fps depending on the game when I enter a wide open space in some of my games (interestingly enough this is most common in OLD games). In Modern Warfare 2 I will turn a corner and frames will plummet if there is a wide open space there. Rome 2 does the same thing on the campaign map when I zoom out. And yet I can play the Division on more than 30 fps... I have experimented with the graphics settings and it does NOT matter what I set the graphics to, I have the same issue.


Neither of these issues was occurring before I "upgraded" to windows 10. COD MW 2 ran perfectly, so did Rome 2 and other games. And none of the games that I now have crashing issues with crashed before.


What I have done to fix it:


I have tried changing graphics settings around. I have tried uninstalling Gaming Evolved, disabling it at start up (I don't use gaming evolved anyway). I have tried completely uninstalling the drivers using DDU twice. I have combed forums looking for answers that worked but I haven't found anything yet. Please help.


PC Specs:


MSI Radeon R9 290X 4G

Intel Core i7-2600K CPU

Windows 10 Home


AMD Driver 16.6.1

Not sure what kind of Motherboard I have.


Thanks in advance for your help.