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R9 380 fans not working in auto mode, full video output crash during gaming

Question asked by jonathan8555 on Jul 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2016 by mbk1989

This week I was gaming and after some time the screen would go black and no imput would be given to my monitor. I thought it was a game issue, but i found out it is not since also at other games I have the same problem.


After opening my case I found out that my fans are not spinning at all. Even though the crimson software says it is spinning at 24%. My card is a saphire R9 380 Nitro. I uninstalled all drivers using DDU and reinstalled the latest driver 16.3.2 for my system. This showed no changes. After this I downloaded trixx software to manually set the fan speed. This worked, and i can succesfully set the fan speed at 50 % which has the result that the fans start spinning! Therefore with this info i think it is a driver issue/software issue of the crimson drivers. Does anyone have the same problem and knows how to sove it without using trixx or afterburner?



It seems that the issue is even worse than I thought. Even though my fans are now working and temperature does not seem to be the problem. My games still crash at points (though not always). The full video card stops working at that point and the video input fully stops. But the game keeps playing, I know this because i can still hear myself walking and shooting even though my monitor has no input. I don't know if this is a related issue or a seperate issue. But I will post it here for completeness. Games at which this happens right now: Deus ex, Homeword Desert of Kharak.



Seems to be the same issue as