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    RX480 and legacy bios motherboards?


      Will the rx480 reference cards as well as the aib cards work with legacy bios motherboards? Just wondering before getting one.

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          Seemly mostly no.


          Someone was complaining here his 480 doesn't work with his mobo, and that there is no BIOS switch.


          And on reddit someone posted a screenshot of Sapphire support system, where they already put their entire lineup in the list (when you select a product to create a ticket), all the new 400 series GPUs have written in parenthesis "UEFI" thus I assume even the custom cards are all UEFI only too.



          And a minor nitpick: "AIB card" is redundant AIB actually means "Add In Board", even the reference card is a AIB. People are misusing a lot the term AIB because of the phrase "AIB Partner" (Add In Board Partner), that means non-AMD AIB manufacturer... but AMD make their own AIB too (engineering samples and some reference boards), and "AIB Partners" also make reference AIB, and custom AIB.


          So in short: AIB means "card", thus AIB card means "card card".