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multiple monitors problem

Question asked by samckayak on Jul 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2016 by samckayak

I have a Dell M4800 running AMD FirePro V15.201.2701 (A09) Jan 19, 2016 - Three external monitors.

This setup ran fine for more than a year.  Sometime in 2016 the three monitors would go dark after a power-up and one monitor would come up in low-resolution mode.  Wait a few minutes, and the three monitors would go back to normal saying the hardware had changed... please reboot.

Rebooting does not make the problem go away.  Subsequent power-up the following morning.the scenario repeats itself.

I found temporary respite by re-installing the AMD FirePro driver. Everything will be fine for a few weeks.  Then the problem begins again.

I had Dell replace the video hardware in the laptop thinking there may be an issue there.  Nope.  The problem persists.

I am suspicious of some of the other bloatware that comes with the AMD installation that targets gamers. This is a business laptop. Nothing but Microsoft Office and a few business apps.

Is there a solution or something I could try to resolve this?