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HDMI Audio causes screen flash when start/stop audio

Question asked by critcommander on Jul 5, 2016


Windows 10

ATI Radeon HD5770

Extended display to HDTV via HDMI




The basic problem:

An application that does not have exclusive control of the HDMI audio, will cause the screen to flash (once) each time audio starts, then stops.


The example:

When I have only Steam running in Big Picture Mode, I can select a game to preview the games trailer. When the video starts, the screen blinks once. When I stop or back out of the games store page, it blinks again. (or when audio stops)


My testing:

I have verified this by disabling HDMI audio in control panel, and replicating the same action in Steam. No screen blink.

Using Kodi, if audio settings are set to Default audio device, instead of selecting HDMI audio device, the problem will occur when starting and stopping any video.

If I select the HDMI audio device in Kodi settings, it appears to exclusively control and keep active the audio in HDMI. Starting and stopping video now does not blink the screen.

If I leave Kodi running in the background, and browse game trailers in Steam, I do not experience the screen flash, because the device is kept on by Kodi.


Steam does not allow exclusive selection of audio devices, it only uses default device, so the HDMI audio does not stay active.

I have tried multiple driver versions and does not remedy.


I have seen registry fixes for an older cards that contains a key having to do with sleep to keep it active, but I don't find this with my card.

Has anyone else experienced this issue, or have any suggestions?