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    Why are RX 480 cards over priced in UK?


      I did something AMD is clearly not able to do. I went into google and I typed in 200 usd to gbp I received £153. Raise that to say £160 to account for raises and falls in the exchange, and that's over $50 bucks extra.

      Just because I live in the UK, why should I be forced to pay 1/4 more than those in the USA.

      Yes you can say. "But there is TAX" well the cards sold over here, are actually going for around £248 due to tax. So I wasn't including that. The cheapest I can find EX VAT, is £195, that is $254.38...

      Are trained AMD accountant's unable to use basic google tools?

      Why should be get screwed over just because we live in the UK?
      Until this is sorted out I'm skipping the RX 480. I'm done paying premium's on PC hardware just because manufactures like AMD refuse to look at exchange rates.

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          I am thinking the same thing was looking on scan and price for a rx480 starts at £240 but amd said it would cost £160. why is the price like 65% higher??

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            So you've had no problem whatsoever in paying the additional markup of products compared to what the US pays since now? It isn't just hardware, it's everything. Take cars for example. For the Ford Mondeo, Ford says it starts at £24,445, whereas for the same car here in the USA (called the Fusion), it starts at $22,120. Point is, a "suggested retail price" is just that, suggested. It will vary in different countries due to import fees and then by the retailer based on supply and demand. It's the downside of a free market economy.