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drivers blocking internet

Question asked by jakeb96 on Jul 5, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2016 by jakeb96

Since the 16.6.2 driver patch my internet has been shockingly bad, I normally get speeds of around 20mps; now I get 5. Browsing is horrendously slow, yet online games would be smooth and have no lag at all. At first I thought the driver had nothing to do with it, I scanned for viruses and malware nothing came up. Checked the dns, antennas on the back of my pc still nothing. After exhausting all known options I was forced to reset my windows (leaving all my files) but deleting all apps and software.


After completion of this my internet was back up to speed like normal; videos were buffering in high quality and at a fast rate, I started to reinstall software (anti-virus, steam etc), all downloading very quickly. As soon as I had to restart my pc to fully install the 16.6.2 driver my internet dropped again. Just to make sure, I uninstalled the driver, internet went up, So I decided to install the previous driver, again upon completion my internet slowed right down. It seems whenever I install a driver it restricts my bandwidth and slows my internet right down, I can't carry on .without a driver as my screen is huge. 


Nothing else was installed previously, I haven't changed any settings in radeon; this never occured before the 16.6.2 patch. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks.