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Can I use a 480 as main GPU, and older AMD cards to actually output to the screens?

Question asked by speeder on Jul 5, 2016
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I have lots of VGA CRTs here, that have awesome quality (so far I didn't see any "modern" screen that approach their quality without costing in my country more than the entire computer * 2)


The 480 seemly doesn't have RAMDAC support, at all, being purely digital.


The 380X I currently own, seemly has only one RAMDAC, and supports only a single monitor.


I wanted to know if I could use a more beefier GPU to be the main GPU, but output to various cheaper GPUs (because of their RAMDACs).


Even better if this also applies to AMD GPUs with CRT TV output, so I can play for example emulators on my HD CRT TV.