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    Screen Flicker (Some games only)


      Hi Guys,

      Have a quick problem you may be able to help me with.

      Long story short, when i go into some of my games, the screen is black or flickering and they are unplayable. Now it's not all my games, only about half of them. (ie LFD2, AOE3, Crysis flicker, R6S, Mount and blade don't)

      They are still working as i can hear sound and sometimes i can see a flickered picture and the games that don't flicker i have no issue.

      My drivers are up to date and i have updated them regularly (probably three times now) and still have the same issue.

      I have a 6970 Crossfire set up (old i know) and have the same issue weather crossfire active or just a single card.

      Really starting to annoy me, as it only occurred maybe 6 months ago and hasn't changed since.

      Other stats are;
      AMD Phenom 2 1090T
      8GB Ram
      2x 6970
      Windows 7 (All updated)


      I have even tried rolling back drivers to 15.11.1 and still no joy

      Thanks in advance,



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          Have you tried updating to the latest and last Crimson driver for your GPUs 16.2.1?


          How are your displays connected to the GPUs? Have you tried a different cable?

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              Hi Mat,


              They are connected via HDMI cable and i have tried the latest drivers also.


              I will try a different cable. In saying that about half the games work fine so i don't think it is that, but i'll try anyway.

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                  Understood. Unfortunately your GPUs have reached legacy status so there will not be any further driver updates to fix bugs. 


                  Here are some suggestions you can try to resolve the issue:


                  1. Use a different HDMI cable, go for a high quality cable.

                  2. Use a different display connection, like displayport.

                  3. Try different drivers.

                  4. Update to Windows 10, it's a free upgrade until the 29th of July.

                  5. Swap your GPUs round in the PCI-E lanes and connect your display to the second GPU instead. J