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R9 390 Games running slow, but when I change window size, it runs fast.

Question asked by frne on Jul 5, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2016 by amdmatt

So last night, I adjusted my resolution to 1080p. Everything became fuzzy, so I turned it back to 720p, but the text and windows were still blurry. I reinstalled the drivers, but after that, I couldn't get a resolution that fit. I reinstalled the drivers again and tried a different monitor. The resolution scaling was now avaliable, and nothing was blurry, so I thought my problems were over with. But, when I launch Minecraft (It is the only game i've tried that this problem happens with) the game is slow, at around 7 fps. I was getting 75 fps constantly before. When I resize the window, or fullscreen it, however, the speed goes right back up to 75 fps for about 10 seconds, than goes back to 7 and I have to resize it again to fix it. Also, before, I could hear my fans spinning while playing, but now, I cannot. The video card is recognized in the Device Manager, and the fans make noise when I start up my pc.